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Blue Spirulina

What is it? Where does it come from?
Blue spirulina is a biomass of cyanobacteria, which essentially in layman’s terms, is a blue-green alga that thrives in lakes, ponds, and alkaline waterways. The blue colour is derived from an extraction process involving a phytochemical called Phycocyanin. Moreover, unlike regular spirulina, the blue counterpart has no fishy taste and is rich in protein, nutrients, vitamins, and minerals.
So, what exactly is so good about this blue spirulina?
As with many other bright coloured foods, the blue spirulina is high in antioxidants. Its superior health benefits include –
– Weight loss – With such high content of protein, this alga can allow people to feel less hungry, lowering the chances of overindulging.
– Boosts energy – With the high content of B vitamins, it can certainly boost energy levels. This makes it ideal for intake prior to workouts or even as a daily drink to feel more energetic!
– Gut health – This alga contains chlorophyll, which helps to promote more healthy bacteria in the gut and ultimately, regularise the digestive system.
– Powerful antioxidants – The human body produces around 90% of the antioxidants that is necessary, but some of it must come from consumption. Spirulina contains many phytonutrients that act as antioxidants and have anti-inflammatory properties!
– High protein content – With the lifestyle changes of people, there are many opting to a vegetarian or vegan diet. This alga is a flexible alternative or boost to protein intakes.
– Liver health – By lowering inflammation, spirulina’s phytonutrients promotes liver health, with studies suggesting that spirulina improved symptoms of fatty liver disease.
Hence, once again, with such numerous health benefits, it is no wonder the blue spirulina is taking social media by the storm. Its vibrant ocean colours from food products ranging from smoothies to lattes, it is almost a magical ingredient with health benefits, taste, and aesthetics.

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