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Then you won’t have to intervene manually at all – bills and receipts will automatically go straight through to your accounts system. Your first step will be to open the application and click on “Scan Settings.” If you’re on MacOS, you can save a bit of time by pressing CMD+S. Then, tap the ScanSnap Cloud button in the top-right corner (this looks a bit like a grey cloud with an “S” in the middle). Under “Modify settings for each document type,” select the category of document you wish to send to HubDoc. This can include anything from documents and receipts to business cards, photos and more.

  • Say goodbye to chasing documents and data entry and say hello to increased productivity.
  • Receipt Bank goes that little bit further than Hubdoc in functionality.
  • Shulman said that the e-commerce space is exploding, but because it’s happening so swiftly, it’s new to many of the accountants and bookkeepers.
  • And you can configure ScanSnap to forward documents based on their category, saving you another tiresome job.
  • More time to help eCommerce clients flourish Discover how Australian accounting firm Creditte uses A2X to automate bookkeeping processes, saving hours of data entry.

“One of the challenges is having them understand how to get their books done properly and doing that quickly,” he said. Shulman will concentrate on taking the A2X process and business to merchants in the accounting and bookkeeping community, while McDonald works with the product and engineering teams to build out the product. “Hubdoc is a must-have app for anyone interested in automating their bookkeeping workflow and eliminating data entry. It has changed the way we run our business.” With Hubdoc, you can import all your financial documents & export them into data you can use. We usually give quite a lot of coverage to reporting features. However, this isn’t the most important functionality for these applications, since the reporting you really want will occur in your accounts system.

It also has no user access controls, and that, for us, makes it a difficult choice for businesses which have grown beyond a small number of users. Anyone allowed in has full access to the account, can modify, add, delete vendor accounts and receipts. Digitizing and automating the process frees up your time to focus on more useful things. That’s where pre-accounting tools like Hubdoc and Receipt Bank come in.

Data Capture Done Automatically

Join The Ecommerce Insider to receive a monthly roundup of all things ecommerce, accounting, and ecommerce accounting. It stopped downloading documents from banks and other service providers. GetApp offers free software discovery and selection resources for professionals like you. Our service is free because software vendors pay us when they generate web traffic and sales leads from GetApp users. Run Hubdoc in distraction-free window, manage multiple Hubdoc accounts easily and more with the unofficial Hubdoc desktop app for Mac and PC on WebCatalog. PitchBook is a financial technology company that provides data on the capital markets. Share with your accountant, bookkeeper or colleagues to keep them in the loop.


However, you can get a free ride – if you use Xero as your accounting package, on a business edition pricing plan, you’ll get Hubdoc as part of your subscription. Both these applications are priced on a monthly basis, and both have a short free trial so you can easily find out whether they save you time and add value to your business. However, Receipt Bank manages to just edge ahead in a number of categories and makes it our first choice. For instance, it integrates with Tripcatcher to offer mileage capture; it has user permissions which you can configure to suit your organization’s needs; and it’s a bit simpler, quicker, and more streamlined. Both applications have very similar features, but Receipt Bank has a little more finesse.

A2x Reduces Business Owners Stress, Says The Digital Cpa

Go paperless by photographing documents via the mobile app before Hubdoc scans and extracts the data. When you connect your accounts, Hubdoc retrieves your recurring bills and statements and adds them to your cloud account. When you connect your accounts, your recurring bills and statements will be retrieved by Hubdoc and added to your cloud account. You don’t have to chase documents at the end of the month, quarter, or year.

  • Provider of a cloud accounting platform intended to automate the financial document collection and processing.
  • Founder Barry Roberts uses A2X along with Xero, Inform Direct, Comma, Hubdoc and a digital marketing agency, enabling his team to help eCommerce businesses be the best they can be.
  • Simply grant your accountant access to your account and an email invite will be sent.
  • So, where we’d like to see some development is in the multi-currency functionality.
  • Automate data entry to simplify your bookkeeping tasks and unlock time savings.
  • Because the application is designed to work for large enterprises as well as small businesses, Receipt Bank also has granular user permissions.

I was disappointed that the program does not allow us to setup suppliers on the fly that are in a currency other than our native one (other than the one setup as the “main” one in QBO). I also would get a bit frustrated when the syncing would randomly stop for the banks . Overall I was very happy with the software and when I was working as an online accountant, all my… So we’re able to get all of the documentation that we’re required to close their books super easily. It fetches statements, our client statements directly from the source. So, all of their bank statements, phone bills, hydro bills, any kind of account or they’d have a regular statement, it fetches those as soon as they’re released and brings them to us. One year later, New Zealand FinTech company Xero acquired hubdoc.

Turn Paperwork Into Data You Can Use With Hubdoc

More time to help eCommerce clients flourish Discover how Australian accounting firm Creditte uses A2X to automate bookkeeping processes, saving hours of data entry. With that time, the team can focus on high-value advisory tasks that will help clients build better eCommerce businesses. Sync your bills, receipts and invoices and their data to your accounting software. Hubdoc integrates seamlessly with Xero, Quickbooks and Hubdoc integrates seamlessly with Xero, Quickbooks Online and Accounting and bookkeeping practices can use Hubdoc to save time chasing documents from clients, do less data entry, and check transactions against original documents.

It’s robust and while it may not have huge ambitions as an app, compared to more complex accounts apps, it does its job reliably and well. Hubdoc opens up showing a simple folder structure, which is very easy to use even for technophobes.

  • Hubdoc integrates seamlessly with Xero, Quickbooks and
  • I am used to it and so are my clients, so overall we have no current plans to change.
  • It stopped downloading documents from banks and other service providers.
  • “Hubdoc’s add-on is a must-have service for any small business owner. It saves an enormous amount of time and reduces paper files.”
  • You can set supplier rules, so that Hubdoc knows how to code bills from recurring suppliers.

Say goodbye to chasing documents and data entry and say hello to increased productivity. Every time a document is uploaded or fetched, Hubdoc seamlessly creates transactions in your accounting with key data inputted and source documents attached. Provider of a cloud accounting platform intended to automate the financial document collection and processing.


It also intelligently creates file names for documents based on their content, so you know what invoice relates to what customer, or where a receipt originated from. They have a unique email address that they’re given through Integration with accounting software including Xero, QuickBooks Online and allows up-to-date data to be synced within applications. One-time account adding automatically retrieves latest bills and statements, building a historical document archive.

Launched in 2014, Hubdoc’s accounting platform automatically collects and analyzes business documents for financial reporting, reconciliation, and audit-proofing. Co-founders and co-CEOs Shulman and McDonald launched Hubdoc after their accounting experience with their former lead generation business, Spark. Hubdoc, a Xero-owned company, helps you spend less time chasing financial documents, and more time running your business. Since being acquired by Xero, Hubdoc continues to evolve into a feature-rich platform for Xero users to capitalize on.


He’s all about the tech – a workflow automation expert and self-proclaimed “recovering appaholic”. So it makes sense that in 2011, Jay rolled everything he knew about accounting and systems into one – launching his cloud-based accounting firm.


The global e-commerce accounting software firm has brought in Hubdoc co-founders Jamie McDonald and Jamie Shulman as CEO and head of accounting, respectively. You receive a lot of financial documents in the form of… Receipt Bank’s service for accounting and bookkeeping firms is particularly valuable. Each professional firm gets a dedicated account manager and can book virtual meetings to address problems or simply get a boost to their skills.

Quicken Vs Quickbooks

Receipt Bank has excellent customer service which can be accessed from within the application or from within the mobile app. Support can also be accessed from the Receipt Bank website during business hours. Receipt Bank gets particularly good reviews from users on the app store.

Give it something descriptive, like “Office ScanSnap Scanner.” Then press “Allow” and finally “Add.” And you’re done! After this point, HubDoc will receive any of the documents you scan, provided they’re in the correct format.

Were Experts In Hubdoc

It handles most expenses, but not mileage – however, it integrates with Tripcatcher for the purpose, so you can still capture mileage, which is particularly useful for tax purposes. That’s annoying if you have hotel bills which run over on to a second page. Hubdoc compounds this security issue by not having an audit log, so you can’t go back to see who changed a total or added a given vendor account. While you still have date and time stamps on each item scanned or photographed, you can’t be sure that all the items that should be there, are actually there, either. Both apps are user-friendly and simple, but Receipt Bank just edges into first place with its simplicity of format and good user reviews. Consultance Accounting leverages the best people, processes and technology to help small and medium-sized organizations achieve success. Consultance Accounting leverages the best people, processes and technology to help small and medium-sized organizations excel.

For more information, see the developer’s privacy policy. Sign up for a personalized demo of the app and get 20% off your first three months of services. Access all Xero features for 30 days, then decide which plan best suits your business.

Hubdoc does the data entry by reading key information from bills and receipts and turning it into usable data. Hubdoc has more of a small business focus, and isn’t scalable beyond 1,000 vendor accounts.

Hubdoc focuses on data capture, categorization and storage and it’s very good at what it does. However, Receipt Bank does have a little more finesse, for instance with user permissions, and with the ability to split invoices. It has more integrations, and is a bit more streamlined; it’s also a bit more speedy, while some users report Hubdoc can be slow. Neither of these software applications requires installation, and they’re both quite easy to configure. But you’ll want to do the initial preparatory work if you want to save time through automation. First off, both need to be synced to your chart of accounts – the hierarchy of accounting items in your accounts package.

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